Restoring Trust, Restoring Dignity 

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Objective:  Use coordinated, visible and powerful actions throughout Colorado to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
We will no longer accept living in fear and insecurity because of Colorado’s “Show Me Your Papers” law. We are launching a statewide hotline to document the abuses we have been living with for years. We won’t stop working until we prove to our fellow Coloradans that the “Show Me Your Papers” law has no place in Colorado, and that we will all be better off without it.


Why we’re launching the Campaign to UNITE Colorado

  • We believe in strong, safe, and united communities that work together to make Colorado thrive.
  • Unfortunately, Colorado’s “Show Me Your Papers” law, Senate Bill 90, creates fear and insecurity in our communities by forcing collaboration between local police and immigration. Forcing police to play the role of immigration authorities erodes the trust that law enforcement depends upon to do their jobs effectively.
  • We are committed to repealing the “Show Me Your Papers” law so we can all work together to keep our communities safe.
  • This week we are launching the UNITE Colorado campaign to document and prove the harmful consequences of “Show Me Your Papers” and make the case for full repeal.


This is about Colorado values

We believe that every person in Colorado deserves to live and raise their family with trust, dignity and safety in their communities. Today, Coloradans across the state country pledge to stand united to restore trust, dignity and safety in our communities:


  • Trust. Maintain and strengthen the relationship of trust between police and the Community by working together to make our communities safe.
  • Dignity: All Coloradans should be treated with respect and dignity and empowered to give their full potential to our State
  • Safety: By eliminating laws that violate civil liberties, we can work together to increase collaboration between police and community



What is the “Show Me Your Papers Law?”

In 2006, the Colorado legislature passed SB-90, a law that forces police officers report to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) any arrestee who is suspected of being in the country without papers. The result has been an overly broad “show me your papers” policy where police departments have to report and detain thousands of individuals for minor traffic stops. In the most extreme circumstances, victims of crime have been detained under “Show Me Your Papers.”
We believe the “Show Me Your Papers” law undermines the values of community trust, safety and dignity that make our state strong. We believe “Show Me Your Papers” has created situations of abuse against basic civil liberties and rights, threatening the dignity of individuals and families. Overall trust has eroded, leaving all communities less safe and strong. Repealing this harmful law will help restore trust and dignity.



Why worry about Senate Bill 90 if the federal Secure Communities program already exists in Colorado?

As Coloradans we have a responsibility to evaluate our own state level policies and clean up our own house when something is not working. We believe all laws and programs that require collaboration between police and ICE damage community trust and should be repealed, and for Colorado that begins with our very own “Show Me Your Papers” Senate Bill 90.


The UNITE Colorado Hotline

UNITE Colorado believes that the forced cooperation between local police and federal immigration threatens civil liberties and erodes the trust law enforcement needs to do its job effectively. In order to prove the harmful consequences of Senate Bill 90, UNITE Colorado is launching an intensive documentation and research effort to prove that the “Show Me Your Papers” law has no place in Colorado. The toll-free UNITE Colorado hotline will be a central strategy to collecting the testimonies and evidence in a safe and confidential manner.



Take Action!

  • Join the Campaign to Unite Colorado…together we can restore trust and dignity to our state!

  • If you have experienced first hand or saw an abuse related to the collaboration between immigration and local police, or if you have witnessed how Colorado’s “Show Me Your Papers” laws affected your community, please call 1-888-UNITE41 or submit your story here.

  • If you would like to join the Campaign to Unite Colorado, please fill out the short form here.





For more information about the Campaign to Unite Colorado please contact:

Brendan Greene




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